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Why are People Becoming Bad Drivers?

That we will not drive in future is an understatement. New vehicles are increasingly coming equipped with such driving aids as lane assist, blind spot technology, and self parking. As if that is not good enough, big car companies are testing self-driving technology. To make the matters worse, drivers have become lazy. They are more […]

3 Major Reasons for Calling Road Assistance

It’s a painful experience when your car breaks down. No one needs that! Did you know that one of the most common reasons for a car breakdown in NSW Australia is due to a flat car battery? In the UK however, the top reason for a roadside assistance call out is flat tires followed closely […]

What are Slow Zones?

A slow zone is an area that you’re not supposed to drive more than 40 km per hour. For example in the Yarra Council in Melbourne, new slow zones allow the driver to only drive up to 30 kilometres per hour. Unfortunately, most residents opposed this. A study in UK indicates that people are more […]

Why Are So Many Drivers Having Road Accidents?

A study by the Sleep Health Foundation found that one in every five respondents surveyed has fallen asleep behind the wheel! The accident figures agree. The TAC (Transport Accident Commission) declares that of all accidents that happen on Victorian roads, 20% are related to fatigue. Fatigue accidents are often bad ones, too - drivers who [...]

Are You A Good Driver? GOFAR Lets You Know!

87% OF DRIVERS THINK THEY’RE ABOVE AVERAGE! However, after analysing over 2 million km of data and 2.3 billion individual data points in 37 countries, we’ve actually discovered that only 50% of drivers are above average and shockingly 50% of drivers are below average. Apparently this is how averages work… But if you really want to […]

Experiment #1: Driving without Ray

Experiment summary This experiment is simple – you just need to unplug the cable so the Ray does not light up. This experiment lets us see how how drivers drive WITHOUT GOFAR influencing their driving. Experiment Step by Step DON’T unplug the dongle!  That stays in. DO unplug one (or both) ends of the cable so that […]

Relief for new drivers. Keep calm and drive happy

Relief for new drivers. Keep calm and drive happy. Freedom, fun, and independence are all great things about getting a driver’s licence. But when you think about the experience of getting there, it’s not so appealing: driving lessons, stressed parents, proving you are responsible enough to take the car out …. Every older driver has […]

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