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How to Track Mileage for Taxes

Did you know that if you are self-employed or you are an employee who regularly uses a vehicle for business use, you can claim for unreimbursed mileage expenses as an itemised deduction? Looking for an easy 12-week ATO Logbook Tracking solution? Click here. If you use your vehicle for purposes such as; business trips moving […]

The Ultimate Mileage Tracker Guide

GOFAR is an award-winning Engine Control Unit (ECU) monitoring device. The device is used to analyze fuel consumption patterns by detecting mechanical problems way before they become problems. The invention is also used as a mileage tracker to help you with your tax deductions. With GOFAR, you never have to create a manual log again! […]

Top 11 Life-Changing Father’s Day Gifts by GOFAR

With Father’s Day coming up in Australia, what you don’t want to do is get your dad another tie he’ll just fling into his wardrobe and forget about. Choosing gifts for men can be such a drag with the end result often being a bunch of uninspiring and instantly forgettable money wasters. What you need is […]

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