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9 Super Useful Logbook Apps for Fleet Drivers

If you are one of those drivers who find doing your logbook a pain, we’ve got good news for you. You can automate nearly the whole process by using an accurate and reliable logbook app.  Some solutions are easier than others though and some are quite expensive. Looking for an easy 12-week ATO Logbook Tracking […]

Tax Time Fear? Not if You Use These Logbook Apps in 2019

In the recent past, writing down your mileage in a logbook seemed the way to go to make the most of your business expenses at tax time. Not anymore. Today, writing down mileage is obsolete. We’re living in the digital age of automation, ease of doing things, and convenience. Looking for an easy 12-week ATO […]

3 Best Mileage Trackers for Daily Commuters

Speaking of business mileage deductions, the IRS has strict recordkeeping requirements, so it’s highly advisable that you keep an accurate and detailed mileage log if you want to claim a tax deduction. Looking for an easy 12-week ATO Logbook Tracking solution? Click here. In other words, each time you use your car for business purposes, [...]
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