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How to Cut Your Car Maintenance Costs?

You can save hundreds of dollars by doing auto repairs yourself, and you don’t need in-depth automotive industry knowledge to get started By understanding how a few vehicle components work, you can save money rather than spending with your mechanic. Understand Your Car Read the owner’s manual To familiarise yourself with your vehicle, read the […]

28 Ways to Save Money on Fuel

A significant operating expense for any car is the fuel, whether that be gasoline or petrol. You can significantly reduce your spending if you track and minimise the cost of fuelling your vehicle. Below are 28 helpful tips to help you go a long way in saving on fuel costs: 1. View the vehicle manual […]

Top 11 Life-Changing Father’s Day Gifts by GOFAR

With Father’s Day coming up in Australia, what you don’t want to do is get your dad another tie he’ll just fling into his wardrobe and forget about. Choosing gifts for men can be such a drag with the end result often being a bunch of uninspiring and instantly forgettable money wasters. What you need is […]

Instructions for setting up diesel on iPhones

Great news – GOFAR’s upgrade for diesel cars is now ready.  Here’s how to get up and running Instructions if you have NOT already installed your GOFAR This should be straight forward. Download the app from iTunes Follow the setup instructions in the app and make sure you select ‘diesel‘ as the fuel type You’re ready to go driving Instructions if you HAVE already […]

Do you really know your car?

Do you really know your car? Learn how your car’s data can change your life. Related: Car Warning Lights Resource Centre If I told you that your car has a magical OBD port (a place you can plug in a bigger “usb”) that can read all your car’s data and then sync that to your phone, would you […]

How Does GOFAR Work?

How does GOFAR work? Simply drive your car in its sweet spot and you’ll save money – directly on fuel savings and indirectly on maintenance and insurance. You’ll be reducing your carbon footprint too. Keeping your car in its sweet spot when you’re driving can be difficult (which is why racing drivers have whole teams supporting […]

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