Like A FitBit For Your Car

Alerts When Your Car's Sick

See on your phone when your car has an error. We'll explain severity too.

Deal With Mechanics Knowledgeably

Explains the 300 most common problems in plain english so it's easier dealing with mechanics.

Reminders So You Never Forget

Set reminders for anything from Tyre Pressure to Registration. Stay covered, stay safe and avoid fines.

Car Health Made Simple

When your car has a fault you usually get a confusing error light, then you need to go to the dealer to get it checked out (and they often charge). Now you can check it out yourself.

Problems Explained

GOFAR explains the 300 common faults in plain english so you know the problem and the severity.

Reminders To Make Life Easier (And Less Costly)

There's too much to remember these days, but forgetting stuff can be expensive. GOFAR lets you set reminders so can track everything all in one place. Get alerts when you need to pump tyres, renew insurance, service or register the car and avoid fines and problems.

Also Included!

The little device that helps you save money on fuel.
In 80,000km of tests GOFAR has improved fuel economy by an average of 9.8% and up to 30%. That's like saving over 10c on every litre you buy.

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GOFAR works in any petrol, diesel or hybrid since 2007.

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