5 Useful Gifts Your Grandad Will Love

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It may not be Father’s Day yet but every day gives us a special chance to show our appreciation for the men in our lives, more so the patriarchs in our family; our grandads. What better way to do so than to shower them in gifts tailored to their very specific needs?

Wondering what makes the right gift for your grandad? Search no more as the list we have provided below is a great place to start.


Regular vehicle maintenance is crucial as it will save you from unwanted problems, reduce fuel costs, increase your safety on the road and reduce the depreciation value of your car.

GOFAR is essentially a leave-in OBD device that makes a car smarter as it monitors your car’s health and instantly notifies you of any problems it detects. It also allows you to set reminders for important vehicular check-ups such as servicing, insurance and registration.

How Does GOFAR Work?

The GOFAR Adapter plugs into your vehicle’s diagnostic port. Your car’s data is then sent from the Adapter to the GOFAR app on your phone.

This gift is useful because it will make it easy for your grandad to consistently take care of his car by pinpointing specific car troubles; significantly lower gas mileage and overheating, as soon as they are detected.

Other features such as speed reduction alerts and handy reminders will keep him safe while on the road so you worry less about him. This will also reduce accident costs and annoying parking fines.

The fill-up log helps in monitoring fuel usage so your grandad can use less fuel and save money. And the tracker will help him find his car in the event that he forgets where he parked it.

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Rob D, a satisfied customer had this to say after using GOFAR for one month,

“Gone is the logbook app where you had to start, stop and record everything. And on top of that, I’ve saved money in fuel by watching my fuel consumption (that lead foot is getting lighter). GOFAR is worth every penny. Highly recommend this product.”

Fitness Tracker

With age comes the need for better self-care to ward off ill health. A fitness tracker could be the perfect gift for your grandad as it would help him track his daily activities and exercises.

The Fitbit Surge is a fitness tracker fitted with GPS tracking and a heart rate monitor. It also has a long battery life so you get value for your money. The wireless syncing feature is economical as it makes the device compatible with other devices such as a tablet or phone. Your grandad will especially appreciate the auto sleep and alarm settings that are easily accessible from his wrist.

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Luis R, a beneficiary of the product shares,

“I had high cholesterol and had to go on medication for it, I had pre-diabetes, and I needed a CPAP machine for my sleep apnea.”

Media Streaming Device

With the onset of numerous streaming sites, a good media streaming device will make it easy for your grandad to access and indulge in all his favorite shows.

There are several streaming devices on the market but your grandad will require one that is easy to navigate and integrates several streaming sites for quick retrieval. The AirTV player fits this description perfectly.

This device is fully integrated with Sling TV for a seamless experience and works with streaming services such as Netflix, YouTube and Google Play. It allows one to record shows with the DVR on an external hard drive that is sold separately. It still allows you to watch local channels on HDTV which essentially brings the more familiar experience of traditional TV into the modern era of entertainment.

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Jim B., had this to say in his Amazon review,

“Overall, the AirTV Player is great. It was very easy to set up. You can connect an antenna and then local channels appear in the menu alongside channels from whichever streaming service you use. The AirTV remote is incredibly easy to use and has just a few buttons including a dedicated Netflix button which bypasses menus and opens that app immediately.”


The advent of cell phones or mobile phones and social media applications means that nearly everyone is online. To effectively stay connected, grandads could use a device that makes it easy for them to reach their family members without the peripheral features such as complicated launchers and an overly technical Graphic User Interface.

The GrandPad is a simple and secure tablet computer that digitally connects a senior to loved ones. Using the tablet, they can easily view family photos and videos, play games, listen to music, check emails, make phone calls and place a video chat.

GrandPad’s white-glove member support works with a trusted family member via the GrandPad central administration website to identify content that will show up automatically on a GrandPad. This gives each user a more personal experience. Family members can use the free companion app on their smartphones to send pictures and videos to the GrandPad.

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Marissa, a loyal GrandPad member had this to say,

“It not only finally connected us with grandma but connected all of us, her grandkids, kids, my uncles, cousins who live in different states. We haven’t talked so much in years.”

Surveillance Camera

Every now and then your grandad may like travel or go for a hike. He’d be happier if he knew that his house and all its contents are safe and secure. Which is why a surveillance camera would make the perfect gift for your busy grandad.

The Honeywell Wi-Fi Security Camera is a compact device with a 145-degree wide-angle view that shows what’s happening in 1080p HD. It can also detect movements and sounds within the house, with the added unique feature that allows it to distinguish between a smoke signal and crying baby. This is specifically useful for grandads who like watching over their grandchildren.

The camera is also fitted with a geofencing feature which prompts it to begin monitoring as soon as your grandad leaves the house, so he never has to worry about switching it on beforehand. This camera requires no elaborate installation – simply mount it on a wall or a ceiling. The phone app guides the user throughout the process.

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Jason had this to say on the 19th of March about the device,

“Works perfectly as described, quick response to phone notification and live video streaming. Records on cloud-free and has internal memory card as soon as motion or noise is detected. I’m impressed with the quality. Also very easy to set up.”

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