The Ultimate Mileage Tracker Guide

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GOFAR is an award-winning Engine Control Unit (ECU) monitoring device. The device is used to analyze fuel consumption patterns by detecting mechanical problems way before they become problems.

The invention is also used as a mileage tracker to help you with your tax deductions. With GOFAR, you never have to create a manual log again!

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This revolutionary product was recently featured on Forbes for helping drives save up to 30% of both mechanical and fuel expenses.

The company that manufactures GOFAR keeps organizing clients’ workshops to train them on technology and competitor research.

It keeps the customers in the loop by introducing the device’s unique selling points.

How does GOFAR work as a mileage tracker?

  • Saves Time – The device comes with automatic mileage tracker functionality that is connected to your smartphone to display the miles covered. This mileage can be exported as an excel sheet. You don’t need to do manual logging anymore.
  • Saves Repair Expenses – The device sends alerts to your smartphone every time an engine fault is detected on your vehicle’s engine.
  • Saves Fuel – Drivers have a real-time display of their fuel consumption.
  • Compact Design – Of all the On-Board Diagnostics (OBD2) devices available in the automotive industry, the GOFAR is among the smallest and can, therefore, be conveniently installed on any vehicle.
  • Compatibility – The device comes with free iOS and Android apps. It can work on diesel, gasoline and hybrid car that was built after 1996.

Key Features of GOFAR

In the modern world, things work better when they are connected. GOFAR acts as a link between you and your car, thereby helping you save both time and money.

Below are the three crucial GOFAR parts that help with the connection;

  • The GOFAR Adapter – The adapter connects into your vehicle’s diagnostic port. Although the adapter is small, it comes with advanced sensors that automatically collect your car’s mileage.
  • The Feedback Ray – This gives you real-time data about your trips. If you manage to keep the Ray’s LED blue, you are guaranteed to save at least 20 cents per gallon of fuel bought. If it turns red, you are wasting money.
  • The GOFAR App – This app continuously monitors your car’s engine and mechanical operations and immediately sends an alert if it detects a fault. It also allows you to swipe to tag the trips undertaken on behalf of the business to help you separate company and personal journeys, making it an impressive mileage tracker. Remember that business trips are a permitted deduction expense when filing your tax returns, so use the GOFAR app’s mileage tracker to its fullest!
  • 6 Axis Motion Sensors – central to precision energy consumption tracking are the three gyroscopes and three accelerometers.
  • Flash Memory – Sometimes you may disconnect your phone from the dongle and forget to reconnect it. In such circumstances, all your trip data is stored in the flash memory so that when you reconnect your phone, you can retrieve the data about your trips.
  • Cloud Backup – For data redundancy, the GOFAR sends your car data to a cloud of your choice. You can, therefore, retrieve your car’s data in case of an accident or car theft.
  • Light Sensor – This adjusts the light on the Ray to match the ambience in your car. You will never fail to see the red or blue light on the Ray regardless of whether you are driving during the night or day.
  • Bluetooth Low Energy Capability – This allows easy pairing with your smartphone for seamless data sync.
  • Multi OBD Support – GOFAR supports all the 5 OBD protocols to offer the broadest possible compatibility with other devices.
    GOFAR also serves as a really good mileage tracker.

How Does GOFAR Solve Your Problems?

Simplify Tracking Your Business Expenses with a Mileage Tracker

You can track the distance covered, the fuel cost and the number of trips that are done. The GOFAR’s app helps you as a mileage tracker in real time, thereby reducing the hassle associated with expenses claims by your drivers.

It also provides the proof needed by tax authorities when deducting your expenses for tax purposes.

Car Health Check and Monitoring

The GOFAR car diagnostics will translate the technical jargon into plain English to help you resolve your car’s problems. It enables you to avoid the tricks used by mechanics to charge you more for a small problem.

Sometimes, you can even fix the problem yourself if you have basic mechanical skills.

Always pay attention to the “Check Engine” Light as it will help you troubleshoot small engine issues before they become significant problems.

Spend Less

Whether it is fuel or repair costs, GOFAR will help you spend less. The device find’s your engine’s sweet spot, thus giving you real-time feedback on how your driving habits are costing you money.

With the device, you can run test drives using different styles to know which method is the most cost-efficient. How would you love to cut your transport cost by even 10%?

Imagine what you can do with an extra 100 bucks every month, saved from your car’s fuel and repair expenses?

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Easy Servicing

Troubleshooting a problem you know is way more comfortable than shooting in the dark. GOFAR helps you determine your car’s problem before you start troubleshooting and this saves both time and money.

More about the GOFAR Company

GOFAR is a creation of an Australian startup that was founded by an aerospace engineer, Danny Adams.

The company’s innovation was deceptively simple, but the technology behind it was bound to change how people drive.

GOFAR is a device built to give real-time safety, efficiency and performance.

Given that experts estimate that between a fifth and a quarter of the fuel bought for the car goes to waste, Danny Adams and his team went into overdrive to launch a product that would not only save the fuel but also help business people track their transport expenses more efficiently.

Today, the device’s real-time feedback has helped change inefficient driving habits, which translates into less money going into repairs and fuel.

GOFAR Description

The device comes with a small dongle that snugly plugs into a car’s diagnostics port and a sleek unit that is fitted on to your car’s dashboard.

Another feature of the product is a smartphone application that gives the user a detailed breakdown of his driving habits over a period.

For its driving efficiency technology, GOFAR comes with;

  • Six-axis motion sensors
  • Three accelerometers to measure the vehicle’s speed
  • Three gyroscopes to measure energy consumption
  • BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) connectivity
  • No external energy sources since it uses the internal car power.

The GOFAR analytics tool gives you data such as;

  • Fuel usage
  • Number of trips undertaken
  • Cost of each trip
  • Type of fuel consumed and its impact on the total cost of operating the car
  • The braking energy cost and many more.

GOFAR is such an intelligent device that after a few trips using it, it will learn your driving style and come up with your driving signature.

After it comes up with the signature, the device can tell when you are not alert and thus warn you when you need rest or a healthy dose of black coffee.

For fleet operators, you can use the GOFAR device to measure which driver has the best performance regarding fuel efficiency or mileage covered and give incentives to the said drivers to encourage others to be more efficient.

The GOFAR technology tracks the competing energies in the physics of driving which includes;

  • Chemical energy that is derived from burning fuel
  • Kinetic energy that is derived from the continuous propulsion of a moving object
  • Energy lost due to aerodynamic drag
  • Energy lost due to constant braking

In Conclusion

After analyzing all the above factors, the device gives feedback to the driver so that he can adopt a driving style that will see the least loss of energy which will result in reduced costs of operating the vehicle.

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