What Does an Uber Driver’s Tool Kit Contain?

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All drivers have a toolkit with which they troubleshoot common problems. The nature of ride sharing is that the Uber driver’s kit needs to be more enhanced since he offers transport as a service – not to cargo or animals – but to human beings!

Items such as sanitary wipes will not be relevant to a cargo transporter but are necessary to an Uber driver. If you drive for Uber, you should have these tools;

A Mileage Logging Tool – A Must-Have for Any Uber Driver

Mileage means write-offs, so you need to log your miles! To make the task easier, you can use a smart device such as GOFAR.

GOFAR helps you to find your car engine’s sweet spot, which enables you to drive more efficiently to save fuel. Areas where the GOFAR app and device can help you include;

  • Tracking the car mileage for tax deductions
  • Alerting you when the car has a fault
  • Explaining the car faults in plain English
  • Reminding the driver of Registration and Insurance
  • Connecting drivers to top-rated mechanics and parts suppliers
  • Saving fuel by finding the engine’s sweet spot

Auxiliary USB Cord

You will need a cord that is long enough for use by a passenger seated on the back seat. Passengers love it when you anticipate their needs even before they get into your car.

Microfibre Cloth

After the car wash, there are always watermarks left on your car. The synthetic microfibre cloth will help you clean up the marks and leave your car spotless. The fabric is especially useful after rainfall.

Dashboard Camera

Two car cameras
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A dashboard camera is an essential tool to have as an Uber driver. It offers a 360-degrees view, allowing to monitor the unruly passenger.

It is also useful as an eyewitness in case of an accident to help you prove your innocence. The camera records all incidents happening in a car and may come in handy if you want to pass information to the police or Uber driver support.

A Toll Transponder

With an electronic toll transponder, you will have an easier way of sending the receipts to the tolling agency. You are also assured that you can use any routes allowed on the transponder without worrying about running out of cash.

Hands-Free Mount

Lyft and Uber drivers need GPS, and they need to be able to see it, so if you are using a GPS app, you need to mount your mobile device on the dash.

A mount for your mobile phone can do a lot to ensure the safety of your passengers. You don’t want to be distracted by messages or calls.

The mount will keep your mobile device in the right position to avoid such distractions.

Charging Block

Customers don’t have to ask for a charging cord. Instead, keep a charging block where they can reach it. Few things are more frustrating than a dying phone and no charger.

A charging block for your passengers to plug in their smartphone or other devices will make you stand out from the ride share competition. Make sure to be both iPhone and Android friendly.

Auxiliary Cord for Music

A 45-minute commute anywhere can be a drag. You don’t want your customers getting bored to death by your “not-so-cool” music selection without a way to opt out and listen to what they love.

An auxiliary cord that they can use to play their music during the ride will come in handy.

Tire Pump and Pressure Meter

On the rare occasion that you have a passenger riding into the woods, you will need some simple mechanic tools such as a tire inflator and a pressure meter.

You will not find any mechanics or petrol stations in the woods, will you?

Automobile Dirt Mats

Car floor mats
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The dirt mats are designed to protect your vehicle’s carpet from wear and tear, salt corrosion and dirt. Since they are easy to clean, you car will always look clean despite giving rides to tens of customers.

Air Freshener

The first thing people notice when they sit in a car is the smell. As an Uber driver, your vehicle will see all kinds of people and smells, so make sure you keep a couple of air fresheners handy.


Remember that water bottle you offered the passenger earlier? You hit a speed bump, and they spilled some of it on the seat and floors. Have some paper towels or napkins in the glove compartment to clean up any accidents.

Towel for Service Dogs

Uber and Lyft drivers are both required to allow passengers to ride with their service animals. To keep any dog hair off your seats have some towels on which the dog can lie on.

If a passenger requests you to whether he can bring a non-service dog into the car or not, it is up to you to decide whether you need the additional work brought about by the dog.

Accepting the request is a great way to earn some tips and excellent rating.

Spare Wheel and Flat Kit

Since you are an Uber driver trying to earn your keep, your wheels will have higher than normal wear and tear. When you get a flat, the easiest way to fix this is to change the flat with the spare wheel.

Alternatively, you can use the standard flat kit to fix your tubeless wheels.

Jumpstarting Cables

You never know when your battery decides to act up. You will need a way to get your car running, and if you don’t have the portable battery jump pack, you will need some jumper cables and a friendly driver nearby to jumpstart your car.

Sanitary Wipes

Apart from paper towels and napkins, having sanitary wipes can come in handy for a quick wipe-down of your dashboard and steering wheel before picking up a new passenger.

Loose Change

Some passengers like leaving cash tips, but not everyone carries small enough bills. Always keep change for a $20 to increase your chances of receiving a cash tip.

First aid kit

Lots of emergencies can happen, and it helps your Uber driver rating if you're ready.

Whether you can offer a band-aid or a gauze pad, your passenger will be both surprised and thankful that their Uber driver is partly a nurse.

Hand sanitizer or lotion

Keep some hand sanitizer or cream in your cup-holder for your passengers to use. Most people who see a bottle of hand sanitizer suddenly realise they can’t remember the last time they washed their hands, and they’ll be happy to sanitise.

Portable Hand-Held Flashlight

Apart from having a smartphone with a flashlight at the back, you should also have a fully-charged, portable hand-held flashlight for when you are changing a flat tire on an out-of-the-way road or when a passenger drops something in the car and needs help to get it.

Universal Socket Wrench

Don’t waste time trying to loosen the nuts on your wheel’s rim. The wrench is a great tool to have, both for you and other motorists.

First Aid Kit

In case of an accident, you don’t want to fumble around looking for simple first aid items. It is a standard for every car to come with a first aid kit, but if it did not, then get some from your local pharmacy.

Seat Belt Cutter

In case of a bad accident, you will need to assist the victims by cutting them loose from the wreckage using a seat belt cutter.

Safety Hammer

If you got involved in an accident and you can’t get out of the car through the doors, your only other option is breaking the car window glass and hope that the splintering glass won’t cause you more harm.

In such a case, the hammer becomes important too.

Driving for Uber is giving service. You want your customers to rest assured that they are in safe hands.

If the customer is happy, you will get a 5-star rating and a lot of tips, thereby making more money.

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