Tag you’re it

Tag. You are it! Gofar app

We’ve added tagging to our app so you can tag any trip with anything.

Probably the most lucrative way to use this is to tag trips as work, so that you never miss out on expenses again. Then you can just export your trips and it will export any tags you added too.

You might also want to tag which drives were done by you, so you can see how you compare to other drivers of your car.

Alternatively you might want to tag your commutes to or tag trips with the roof rack to see what extra fuel use that costs you. Anything you can tag, you can measure.

Then, you can filter your trip cards by any tag you’ve created, so you have an easy way to visually review differences. The filter button is at the top left of the main Home screen.

Here’s how it works

This 1 minute video shows how tags work in action.

This feature is currently available in iOS.  It’s coming soon in Android.

If you use your car for business purposes, you can use GOFAR to help you tag business trips and claim taxes for those.

If this were the case, GOFAR would pay itself in money it saves you on your taxes.

Start saving money with GOFAR today.

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