How Caring about Gas Mileage Makes Ride Sharers Earn More

Why people engage in ridesharing jobs? To earn money, and to save more money from better gas mileage, for example. Does that mean this is all they care about – money?

The first answer to this question tends to be somewhat vague. Yes? No?

Saying that somebody is doing something for the money makes them sound like a bad person, doesn’t it?

Does that mean that all those people that use rideshare apps like UberLyftOlaDidi ChuxingGrabHailoFasten and the rest to make money don’t care about anything else but earning their livelihood?

So, even if a person answers “yes” to this tricky question, you can bet that they will follow up.

They are to say – “I’m not slacking it or anything! I want the ride to be good and pleasant for my passengers, and for me”

There’s the entire point – the wish to make your ride a pleasant experience. This knowledge that you want to do a good job, and that you realise that by doing a good job improves the entire experience your passengers and yourself.

That right there is good work ethic. It is pride in a job well done.

You don’t have to be too enthusiastic about taking people from point A to point B. But, you can and should be enthusiastic about being a person who does their work well.

Your smooth driving can be the thing that makes a traumatised person feel safe. You could be a first person with whom somebody who just moved into your city talks to.

You could be the person who drives a new dad to the hospital to meet his newborn baby.

There’s a lot to be proud about when being a ride share driver.

One of those things is treating each passenger with respect by making sure they get an enjoyable ride, each time they step into your car.

By making sure you are offering the best car rides you can, you are making more money. Simple as that. It’s a win-win situation.

So, how can you do this? How to make sure you offer better rides? Not by going through the training again, right?

Enter GOFAR.

Luckily, we live in the times of technology. You can get the best OBD2 app that checks your engine work. It means it keeps track of your gas mileage, monitors your driving and notifies you when you’re wasting your fuel. Therefore, it teaches you how to drive better.

GOFAR does all that, and the installation is a piece of cake. It’s a simple plug-in device which turns on blue lights when you drive smart and well. When your driving isn’t as efficient and smooth, it turns red.

When you think about it it’s like having a little smart driving coach who doesn’t nag you about your driving, just quietly signals you that you could be doing better.

Check if your car is compatible with GOFAR technology. It works well with most models.

So, how does GOFAR makes you earn more? By inspiring you to be more careful about the way you drive, so you can cut your costs and get more rides.

Let’s look into the ways this car app helps you make your ride share business better:

You spend less on gas mileage

In our last four trials, GOFAR saved drivers 14.7% on fuel. That’s like getting 7 weeks of gas mileage free. EVERY year!

Let’s say you are driving 200 km a week. Sounds about right. At this rate, you are getting 7,500 km of free drive a year. Imagine how many rides that gives you!

Actually, you don’t have to imagine. We can calculate it.

According to SherpaShare, the average Uber ride distance is around 10 km. This means that you get enough gas mileage for 750 rides a year. Multiply that with the average cost of rides in your city, and you’ll see how much money is that.

Average ride cost After 20% fee Yearly savings (x750)
Uber $13.36 per trip $10.68 $8,016
Lyft $12.53 per trip $10.02 $7,518

These numbers can vary depending on your car, city in which you are driving, current pricing and other factors.

Either way, it is evident that the manner of driving plays a significant role in cutting the costs down, thus increasing the profits. GOFAR helps with driving improvement.

GOFAR achieves this with real-time driver coaching that’s very intuitive and precise car diagnostic.

It glows blue when you’re driving efficiently and gradually a more angry red as you brake harshly or accelerate too fast.

Both moves continuously use more gas mileage than needed and so GOFAR drivers instinctively and rapidly adjust to a more fuel efficient style.

You have more control of your driving costs

MIT conducted research saying that ride share drivers have meagre earnings when all the costs are calculated.

“The study, which factored in insurance, maintenance, repairs, gas mileage and other costs, also said that for 54% of drivers, the profit is less than the minimum wage in their states and that 8% of drivers are losing money on the job.”
The Guardian

Driving matters to all drivers, but if you’re behind the wheel 8 hours or more a day, 5 days a week, the way you drive makes the whole difference.

Every little thing you can do to optimise your time in the car helps and an accurate car diagnostic app is of great help.

Gofar mobile appTo improve the driving, you need some sort of a reference point and relevant data.

Ride sharing companies are good (usually!) at providing statistics for you when you’re on the job, but is that enough to get the whole picture about your driving?

Here is the data they are missing:

  • all those times when you’re driving to and from the best working areas.
  • the downtime, waiting for jobs.
  • the time you spend driving in between the rides, which is sometimes necessary.

All this car usage adds up, and it all costs money so you should measure it by using a precise car diagnostic computer.

GOFAR is an OBD2 app that automatically collects all that data from the moment you plug it into your OBD port to the moment you plug it out.

In other words, the statistics you get from this data includes all those situations that ride-sharing apps don’t.

This makes them far more relevant, and it gives you a better insight into your costs.

Therefore, driving in a more cleverly and caring about how you operate your vehicle also means being more efficient and frugal when it comes to your car maintenance.

You drive “greener” and smarter

We all breathe the same air, so keeping it as clean as possible is the responsibility of all of us. Therefore, wherever you live, driving greener is worth the effort.

There are two ways in which being a “green” and careful driver allows you to earn more:

  • Savings on gas mileage – environment-friendly drivers do their best to keep their fuel consumption at the minimum. Consequently, they save the money.
    It can be hard to know how to drive greener sometimes though, so GOFAR gives you real-time feedback that nudges you to a greener driving style by running your engine diagnostic.
    Keep it blue, and you will be saving money and cutting emissions. When you drive inefficiently, it will start to blush red. It’s pretty simple, and it works!
  • Attracting more clients – the “green” trend has been taking over all industries. People are becoming more environmentally conscious and they choose to spend their money on businesses that share these same value.
    Make sure it is known that you take the environment into consideration when driving and that you do your best to conserve it. It will attract the like-minded clients.

Get better gas mileage on your daily driving.

The recent pollution in some Asian cities like Delhi or Beijing makes it evident that everybody should do everything in their power to reduce the pollution that comes from the exhaust pipes.

You improve your driving efficiency and comfort

According to the Australian Department of the Environment, “stop-start driving” presents worse gas mileage than smooth, efficient driving. It is not about the comfortable feeling during the ride, it is also about taking care of your vehicle and making sure it lasts longer.

Here are three main points why a rideshare driver should go that extra mile and use on board diagnostics to learn how to drive smoothly. This includes keeping your distance from other cars, braking softly and starting your car without jerking.


  • It’s good for passengers. Make them feel like they’re in a limo not on a trampoline.
  • It’s good for your car. Each time you start and stop, you’re wearing out parts.
  • It’s good for your wallet. You only burn the necessary amount of fuel.

Its difficult to find a driver who doesn’t think they drive and brake well. However, anybody who has ever been in a car on the road has seen that not everybody drives that smoothly.

The only conclusion is that not everybody is aware of the way they drive.

Therefore, it’s quite useful to dedicate a couple of minutes to the video explaining progressive driving that promises a smooth drive, less wear and tear on your car and overall better experience.

There are other methods to improve your driving. Some drivers find it helpful to think of their car as a bicycle – cyclists try to use enough energy and no more. They don’t sprint all the way to the top of hills.

Additionally, they use the downhills to coast a bit and recover. When it’s your legs providing the power you don’t try stop-start cycling, do you?

Similarity of Eco-driving and bicycle riding

Click the image to view the whole PDF

What does this mean for ride sharing drivers?

Again, caring enough to master smooth driving pays off double fold. Your main two factors of success are reducing the costs (gas mileage, car repairs, idle time) and increasing the profits (good rates from passengers, more rides).

Smooth driving helps you with both of these factors.

The passengers will rate you better if you drive better and this type of driving reduces your costs, as well.

You get better rates from your passengers

GOFAR is subtle, and it doesn’t distract you from your driving. You catch a glimpse of its light colour without taking your eyes from the road. It’s designed to have a very low distraction level, similar to glancing at the speedometer.

It doesn’t take up a lot of space, it isn’t distracting, and it looks nice. Moreover, people who enter your car will notice it and ask you about it. That gives you something interesting to talk about with your passengers.

It is also a chance for a subtle way to explain that you use GOFAR so that your ride is smoother for them and more environment-friendly. It will ensure some additional favourable ratings.

The benefits of GOFAR for your car are now quite apparent. In short, it helps you:

  • improve the overall performance of your vehicle
  • get a better insight into your driving
  • become a better driver
  • cut down your driving costs
  • Boost your passenger ratings

There is no downside to using it. Thus, all you need to do is check if your car is compatible.

Check if GOFAR works in your ride sharing car

GOFAR has been designed to work on almost all petrol, diesel, and electric hybrids. However, it is much better to check first. Your car compatibility is calculated in a matter of seconds.

It takes three steps:

Step #1 – Go to the Check my car compatibility page.

Step #2 – Enter your car details: brand, model, year, fuel type and country you drive it in.

Step #3 – Get your compatibility report instantly.

Take a moment to check your car compatibility. Once you do this, your next move is to get your GOFAR device and start tracking your driving stats and gas mileage. Don’t worry about the setup. It’s all explained, and you have online assistance at all times.

Your GOFAR device is an OBD2 bluetooth device, which means it will connect to your phone and communicate with it via great OBD2 software and generate the valuable reports for you.

The numbers don’t lie. Once you have thorough and careful monitoring of your driving costs, it will be a breeze to improve your hourly rating as a ride share driver.

Not only that – it will turn you into a better driver!

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