Ride sharers - the drivers who most care about driving!

Posted by GOFAR team on 11/Nov/2016

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No one cares more about making driving better than those driving with Uber, Lyft, Ola, Didi Chuxing, Grab, Hailo, Fasten and the rest. Their livelihood depends on it.


Spend less on fuel

In our last four trials GOFAR saved drivers 14.7% on fuel.  That's like getting 7 weeks of fuel free.  EVERY year!  That's like getting 7,500km free a year if you're driving just 200km five days a week.

Angry Red Ray Strip600.jpg
GOFAR achieves this with real time driver coaching that's very intuitive.  It glows blue when you're driving efficiently and gradually a more angry red as you brake harshly or accelerate too fast.  Both moves constantly use more fuel than needed and so GOFAR drivers instinctively and rapidly adjust to a more fuel efficient style.

Measure it ALL so you can manage it ALL

Driving matters to all drivers, but if you're behind the wheel 8 hours or more a day, 5 days a week, then it really counts.  Everything little thing you can do to optimise your time in the car helps.

AppResized.jpgFor example, we've noticed with some of the ride sharing drivers using GOFAR that they like to keep an independent track of their statistics without having to write everything down.  Ride sharing companies are usually good (usually!) at providing statistics for you when you're on the job but they miss out all those times when you're driving to and from the best working areas.  They miss the downtime too, waiting for jobs.  It adds up and it all costs money so you should measure it.

Do you know how much you're spending on idling?  Do you know how many miles or kilometres you're putting on your car?  It can really affect depreciation.

Ride sharing drivers do in a month what others drive in a year, so a few tweaks to your routes or driving style can pay dividends in saved fuel.


Be green and be seen to be green.

We all breath the same air, so wherever you live it's worth driving greener.  It's a no brainer because you save on fuel money as well as pumping out less pollution that you, your friends, your family have to breath in. It can be hard to know how to drive greener sometimes though, so GOFAR gives you real time feedback that nudges you to a greener driving style. Keep it blue and you're saving money and cutting emissions. When you drive inefficiently it will start to blush red. It's pretty simple and it works!



The recent pollution in some Asian cities like Delhi or Beijing brings home how important it is to do everything possible to reduce what's coming out our exhaust pipes.  (And GOFAR works on diesel, hybrid and petrol cars too!)

Drive smoother!

"Stop start driving" uses a lot more fuel than smooth efficient driving, especially if you don't leave enough of reaction gap for yourself.   Again though, there’s more than one benefit!

  • It’s good for passengers.  Make them feel like they’re in a limo not on a trampoline!
  • It’s good for your car.  Each time you start and stop, you’re wearing out parts.  
  • It’s good for your wallet - because you only burn the fuel you need and no more.

Try coasting more, and leave more of a gap.  Only accelerate as much as you need so you don’t need to brake more than is necessary.  I don't need to emphasise that braking is essential (!) but in scientific terms it is also the process of turning your money into heat.  

So - some drivers find it helpful to think of their car as a bicycle - cyclists try to use just enough energy and no more.  They don’t sprint all the way to the top of hills.  They use the downhills to coast a bit and recover.  And when it’s your legs providing the power you definitely don’t practice stop start cycling!

Make sure your passengers rate you highly!

GOFAR works in the driver’s peripheral vision, so you get useful real time feedback on your driving but can keep your eyes safely on the road.  It’s designed to have a very low distraction level, similar to glancing at the speedometer - and much safer than playing with a mobile whilst driving.  

Your passengers though can also see GOFAR and realise that you are a driver that takes driving seriously.  You can explain that GOFAR helps you drive greener and smoother for their benefit.  (No need to mention it’s also saving you money!)

It’s a fun talking point, and happy customers delivered smoothly to their destination give good ratings.

  • Ask if your passenger is in a hurry first!  We estimate 30-40% are.
  • Tell passengers how you’re driving greener
  • Tell passengers how you’re driving smoother
  • If you’re brave, show them GOFAR so they can monitor how you’re doing as well!


The future is moving towards ride sharing drivers - but to make it as profitable as possible, we recommend you monitor ALL your driving and fuel costs, not just when you’re earning and drive smooth and green to keep passengers even happier.  


Check if GOFAR works in your ride sharing car?

Spoiler alert - works in all petrol, diesel and electric hybrids since 2006 so it probably does!

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 Thanks for reading and I hope we can make driving better together.