Ray's New Light Show

Posted by Ray on 23/Dec/2016

In Ray, Connection, Features, Data, Bluetooth


You may have noticed Ray's new light show, reminding you when your phone is not connected to GOFAR.

Sometimes your phone loses its connection to GOFAR.  It might be because you've left Bluetooth turned off after a flight, perhaps your phone battery is dead or maybe you just shut the app down.

Previously you would not know that the connection had been lost but now we've programmed a little light show to alert you.

Now, when your phone is not connected to GOFAR, the right hand side of Ray will pulse red three times and then the outer edges of Ray will turn red and stay red. 

To reconnect, just touch the app open (or turn on Bluetooth if that was the issue) and any stored trips on the dongle will now start to move across to your phone.  

Please do make sure you're not driving when you do this.  We say this based on analysis of a few million kilometres of driving data and we programmed the routine specifically so that Ray will still give you its normal feedback but just using the central seven LEDs and not the whole nine as per normal.  so please wait until your car is stopped before fixing the connection!  Thank you!

You can check out the video to see the show.