ISO Happy!

When we went live we supported pretty much all petrol cars built since 2008. Technically that meant cars that worked on the more modern CAN-BUS protocol. One great thing about GOFAR though it that, unlike your car, we can update it as we learn and improve. So, we’ve just released an upgrade that will allow […]

Tag you’re it

We’ve added tagging to our app so you can tag any trip with anything. Probably the most lucrative way to use this is to tag trips as work, so that you never miss out on expenses again. Then you can just export your trips and it will export any tags you added too. You might also […]

Experiment #1: Driving without Ray

Experiment summary This experiment is simple – you just need to unplug the cable so the Ray does not light up. This experiment lets us see how how drivers drive WITHOUT GOFAR influencing their driving. Experiment Step by Step DON’T unplug the dongle!  That stays in. DO unplug one (or both) ends of the cable so that […]

Good Design Award Win!

GOFAR has won a prestigious Good Design Award®. The expert panel at Good Design recognised the innovation and inspiration that went into creating a beautiful and simple solution to complex challenge of improving driver efficiency in cars. Other winners were Google for their new OnHub wifi device and Oculus Rift, the virtual reality company. The overall 2016 award went […]

Good Design Entry

We entered the Good Design Awards this year – here’s our entry. [Update: We won in the Consumer Electronics category!] GOFAR logs, scores and improves your driving. It connects your car to your smartphone, seamlessly logging driving data to the cloud. Intuitive, real-time feedback from GOFAR nudges drivers to a safer, greener, more efficient driving style, whilst […]

Instructions for setting up diesel on iPhones

Great news – GOFAR’s upgrade for diesel cars is now ready.  Here’s how to get up and running Instructions if you have NOT already installed your GOFAR This should be straight forward. Download the app from iTunes Follow the setup instructions in the app and make sure you select ‘diesel‘ as the fuel type You’re ready to go driving Instructions if you HAVE already […]

Do you really know your car?

Do you really know your car? Learn how your car’s data can change your life. Related: Car Warning Lights Resource Centre If I told you that your car has a magical OBD port (a place you can plug in a bigger “usb”) that can read all your car’s data and then sync that to your phone, would you […]

How Does GOFAR Work?

How does GOFAR work? Simply drive your car in its sweet spot and you’ll save money – directly on fuel savings and indirectly on maintenance and insurance. You’ll be reducing your carbon footprint too. Keeping your car in its sweet spot when you’re driving can be difficult (which is why racing drivers have whole teams supporting […]

Relief for new drivers. Keep calm and drive happy

Relief for new drivers. Keep calm and drive happy. Freedom, fun, and independence are all great things about getting a driver’s licence. But when you think about the experience of getting there, it’s not so appealing: driving lessons, stressed parents, proving you are responsible enough to take the car out …. Every older driver has […]

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