Make Your Car Smarter With GOFAR Trends

WANT ALL YOUR CAR DATA ON YOUR PHONE? Well, now you’ve got it.  Distance, fuel cost, economy, fill ups, driving score and speed. It’s been great to track all my metrics easily on my phone using GOFAR – apart from that last one, speed.  I still cannot believe how slow my average speed is driving around […]

Are You A Good Driver? GOFAR Lets You Know!

87% OF DRIVERS THINK THEY’RE ABOVE AVERAGE! However, after analysing over 2 million km of data and 2.3 billion individual data points in 37 countries, we’ve actually discovered that only 50% of drivers are above average and shockingly 50% of drivers are below average. Apparently this is how averages work… But if you really want to […]

Braking Bad (on Fridays)? Use an OBD2 Scanner

Whilst the Internet of Things is sometimes over hyped, fundamentally it lets us measure things better. If you measure it, you can manage it. I was inspired by this article on Australian car accidents in which Robert McDonald, the safety guru who heads of IAG’s Road Safety Centre revealed that Friday was a bad day for accidents. Our […]

Award-Winning GOFAR App is Now On Android

You heard that right, GOFAR is… Here’s how to get set up GOFAR on Android. First, and this is important, please DO download the app. Don’t just plug GOFAR in and start driving! Next, follow the instructions on the app to set up the device Once installed, the device needs to calibrate – this happens automatically […]

6 Steps to a Green Halloween by GOFAR

Halloween is almost here again and whilst it’s great fun, one trip to the mall, tells you that boatloads of stuff has just been shipped across the world just to end up in local landfill. So, whether you’re a keen crafter, a dedicated eco-warrior or just don’t like blowing money on cheap tat when you […]

GQ says you’re cool for supporting GOFAR!

It’s nice to know you’ve got your finger on the pulse sometimes, and now this article from GQ covering the Top 10 Coolest Things in the World proves that you backers of GOFAR are definitely the in crowd! We’re just below a spatula (a nice spatula) but we’re cooler than a nice looking drone! Forbes and Gizmodo were impressed with […]

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