What Can Cause a Check Engine Light to Come On?

You’re on the road enjoying your drive. It’s a beautiful day. No traffic, fantastic weather, even your favourite music is playing on the radio. BLISS. Then, out of the blue, an orange-red glow from the check engine light on your car dashboard catches your eye. Panic. Paranoia. Perfect day RUINED. What are you going to […]

How do I make my car smarter using GOFAR?

Unlike the first generation of smart car gadgets on the market, the GOFAR gadget is an intelligent device that translates engine data and teaches a driver to drive safely to improve efficiency. The product was first inspired by the rocket launch tracking and Formula One displays to come up with a technology that ensures you […]

7 Effective Ways To Grow Your Income as an Uber Driver

At the end of the day, do you take home less money than you would like as an Uber driver? Stop it now! Find out what details you’re overlooking and boost your earnings. An inexpensive, smart OBD2 scanner, your driving behaviour, and a few essential hacks, some of which might even seem silly at first, […]

You Can Easily Supercharge Your Uber Driver Take-Home Pay

Many Uber drivers feel that they should earn more for the time they spend driving. However, the common Uber driver overlooks some obvious details that can leave more money in their pockets if they’re careful enough. Time to become aware of them and start earning more, isn’t it? Change your driving style with the help […]

Boost Your Uber Driver Earnings With These Simple Tweaks

You’ll be surprised when you find out how effortless it actually is to increase your income as an Uber driver. It’s completely hassle-free! All you need to do to achieve this goal is to make a few uncomplicated moves, pay closer attention to your common driving behaviour and tweak your driving style a little bit. To make […]

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