18 Tips for Success with Uber and Lyft

The driver turnover is very high in Uber and Lyft, but why is it some of the drivers stick around for years one? Sometimes it’s not the strategy, spreadsheets, or analysis that makes an Uber and/or Lyft drivers great. It is the intangible things that are hard to put numbers to that make all the […]

Want to be a Lyft or Uber driver? Tips to Help you Choose

Lyft offers drivers a more significant sign-up bonus and higher rates, but an Uber driver has more customers, and its requirements are more relaxed. Uber beats Lyft on vehicle options, coverage areas and innovation. But Lyft wins on pricing, customer support and brand image. Some drivers cover all their bases and choose to drive for […]

Gas Mileage Reimbursement for Work Travel Expenses in USA

Business travel expense deductions, like mileage reimbursement, can be especially relevant to US-based taxpayers who own their own business, work as a freelancer or contractor, or who travel a lot for work. Working out what you can and can’t deduct can be quite complex and depends on many qualifying factors. Read on for an explanation […]

The Ultimate Mileage Tracker Guide

GOFAR is an award-winning Engine Control Unit (ECU) monitoring device. The device is used to analyze fuel consumption patterns by detecting mechanical problems way before they become problems. The invention is also used as a mileage tracker to help you with your tax deductions. With GOFAR, you never have to create a manual log again! […]

What Can Cause a Check Engine Light to Come On?

You’re on the road enjoying your drive. It’s a beautiful day. No traffic, fantastic weather, even your favourite music is playing on the radio. BLISS. Then, out of the blue, an orange-red glow from the check engine light on your car dashboard catches your eye. Panic. Paranoia. Perfect day RUINED. What are you going to […]

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