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Do you really know your car?

Do you really know your car? Learn how your car’s data can change your life. Related: Car Warning Lights Resource Centre If I told you that your car has a magical OBD port (a place you can plug in a bigger “usb”) that can read all your car’s data and then sync that to your phone, would you […]

How Does GOFAR Work?

How does GOFAR work? Simply drive your car in its sweet spot and you’ll save money – directly on fuel savings and indirectly on maintenance and insurance. You’ll be reducing your carbon footprint too. Keeping your car in its sweet spot when you’re driving can be difficult (which is why racing drivers have whole teams supporting […]

Relief for new drivers. Keep calm and drive happy

Relief for new drivers. Keep calm and drive happy. Freedom, fun, and independence are all great things about getting a driver’s licence. But when you think about the experience of getting there, it’s not so appealing: driving lessons, stressed parents, proving you are responsible enough to take the car out …. Every older driver has […]

Step by Step set up

So – you’re interested in safer, greener, cheaper driving and you’ve bought GOFAR and want to set it up.  Read on! Getting started You’ll need the following: A connected iPhone or Android phone with Bluetooth Your car and car keys Your GOFAR box (and precious contents) Step 1: Download the app Visit the Google Play or […]

Saving 15% On Fuel

Whilst GOFAR is a great OBDII data logger for your car, its main value is saving you money, directly by burning less fuel and indirectly by saving on maintenance and insurance. Basically we want to help daily drivers to drive safer and greener and save money whilst doing so! An urban driving trial We mapped out […]

We’re gearing up for pre-production!

Today we have a very exciting milestone to announce for GOFAR. We have commissioned the construction of our plastic injection mould tooling. We performed an exhaustive search of vendors and have selected our partner to work with. They have the gold standard in quality certification (ISO9001) and have a number of decades of experience delivering […]

We’ve started exploratory EMC testing

Last week we put our prototype through its paces and performed our first run of exploratory EMC tests. EMC stands for electromagnetic compatibility and passing EMC testing is a requirement to be able to sell an electronic product. If you look at the back of your electronics equipment you should be able to find the markings that indicate […]

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