5 Meaningful Gifts for Car-Loving Brothers

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More often than not, we men love tinkering with our gadgets, so the perfect gift should give us the opportunity to get lost in improvements and repairs.

Your brother may very well be the same, so here are a few meaningful gift ideas for your car-loving brother.

GOFAR OBD2 Scanner and Mileage Tracker

Regular vehicle maintenance is crucial as it will save him from unwanted problems, reduce his fuel costs, increase his safety on the road and even help reduce the depreciation value of his car.

GOFAR is essentially a leave-in OBD device that will make his car smarter as it monitors his car’s health and instantly notifies him of any problems it detects. It also allows him to set reminders for important vehicle check-ups such as servicing, insurance, and registration.

Why is this a good gift?

The GOFAR Adapter plugs into the vehicle’s diagnostic port. His car’s data is then sent from the Adapter to the free GOFAR app on his phone.

This gift is useful because the visual map tracker keeps records of all your brother’s journeys; from commutes to epic cross-country trips. And this tracking will also ensure he has a complete mileage record at tax time.

He will also be able to set up location tags to automatically classify trips according to destination and further customize it to match either a personal or business situation.

Using the GOFAR application, your brother can easily log all his driving stats – economy, speed, time in the car, distance, braking, and acceleration. And the handly alerts in the application can also help him avoid accident costs and annoying parking fines.

The fill-up log helps in monitoring fuel usage so your brother can use less fuel and save money.

Wondering whether this meaningful gift is compatible with your brother’s car? Just check for compatibility here.

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Danni S shares his experience with the device, “I am a gadget geek and of all my gadgets, GOFAR is my favorite. It has improved my driving by telling me when I am braking or accelerating too hard, it tells me the cost of the fuel I use each trip and a lot of other useful information. I love statistics and the GOFAR gives me a lot of them.”

Marvel Power Gauntlet

The closing chapter of the Avengers series (Endgame) finally made it to the big screen and with it a wave of emotions. So a meaningful memento makes the perfect gift for your brother.

iron man hand
Photo courtesy of MIGHTYaPe

The Power Gauntlet features highly articulated electronic finger joints, pulsating light effects, and movie-inspired sounds.

The fierce-looking fist lock display mode is particularly intended to emulate the massive power of the main antagonist in the film, Thanos.

This high-quality Power Gauntlet roleplay item makes a great gift for collectors and fans of the Avengers: Endgame movie and includes instructions.

This product is expected to release on 30th September 2019 so pre-order and ensure your brother is among the first to receive it!

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Game of Thrones 5-6 Player Extension

Still keeping with the spirit of mementos, this fantasy board game makes a meaningful gift for any brother who is a Game of Thrones fan.

Now that this blockbuster series has come to an end, this board game will give your brother and his friends a chance to relive all their favorite moments in a competitive environment. Something that men enjoy.

The great forests of the North hide many secrets and the Wildlings have many surprises.

Mammoths come lumbering towards the Wall, driven by the Wildling hordes, now strengthened with two new clans.

But the Brothers of the Night’s Watch have their own secret weapons with four new heroes, including fearless spear wives who hail from beyond the Wall themselves.

game of thrones
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With new enemies, allies and new rivals within the Watch (with an increased player count), your brother will need to overcome these obstacles to become the next Lord Commander. Who doesn’t love a good challenge?

Take note that this is not a standalone product. It requires a copy of its predecessor, A Game of Thrones Catan: Brotherhood of the Watch, in order to play.

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Pocket DJ Mixer

For your brother’s next big celebration, let him skip the club, lose the DJ and turn on his music player into a party-making machine with this unique sound mixer.

iphone and pocket dj mixer
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This mini mixer is easy to use and requires no power source. He simply needs to plug it into the headphone jack of his laptop or phone and instantly bring his own beats to life.

Unlike massive traditional mixing boards, this mixer’s pocket-sized proportions make it portable so he never has to leave home without it!

It is also compatible with any device that basically has a headset outlet.


A satisfied buyer shares their experience, “This was a gift for my 16 yo son. He’s really into music. At first, we thought this product wasn’t what we thought. We expected something like a DJ system with different beats and sounds you could add to the song. This is mostly just adding bass and treble, loudness and fade type sounds. But once my son played around with it, he loved it. It works best with Dubstep or club type music. You can hook up 2 phones and a speaker or even use it with different DJ apps on the phone. Really have enjoyed it!”

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Laser Bike Light

Does your brother ride a bike everywhere he goes? Perhaps he’s just the more economical type and likes to cycle from time to time. Either way, this unique gift will serve him well as he will be more visible on the road at night.

Bikes are small and quiet in comparison to the louder gas-guzzling vehicles. This makes it more difficult for drivers and pedestrians to notice cyclists.

This resourceful laser bike light makes biking safer by enlarging cyclists’ visible footprints in blind spots, at pedestrian crossings and other high-risk places they can easily go unnoticed.

Using tried and tested laser projection technology, one light beams a several-foot-wide green bicycle image on the ground a few yards ahead of the real bike.

laser light
Photo courtesy of uncommongoods

This visual early warning gives drivers enough time to step on their brakes or swerve out of the way if necessary. The other light puts out a 300-lumen beam that’ll light up a bike path at midnight and make sure your brother is visible as he is at noon.

It has a “Get me home” feature that extends the 13-hour battery life by 4 hours when the charge drops low, which gives your brother enough time to make plans to stop and charge somewhere.

This handy device is encased in aircraft-grade aluminum so it’s fully waterproof.

The patented laser projection technology is used on the entire London bike share fleet. And a quick-charge USB cable and mounting hardware included.

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