Good Design Award Win!

GOFAR has won a prestigious Good Design Award®.

The expert panel at Good Design recognised the innovation and inspiration that went into creating a beautiful and simple solution to complex challenge of improving driver efficiency in cars.

Gofar ray early sketches

Other winners were Google for their new OnHub wifi device and Oculus Rift, the virtual reality company. The overall 2016 award went to another Australian innovator –FlowHive, who have revolutionised the world of bee keeping! Microsoft’s Hololens took out the Consumer Electronics Product Design category.

You can see more about GOFAR’s design journey here and read our Good Design entry here. Kudos to GOFAR’s industrial designers, Braden Wilson and Ted Esdaile-Watts at cocreators.

Gofar ray sketches

But, GOFAR is much more than clever design. It is also a powerful tool that can help you reduce costs of your driving. Find your car’s sweet spot with GOFAR.

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