GOFAR Celebrates International Women’s Day

GOFAR Celebrates International Women’s Day

As you all probably know by now, today is International Women’s Day. I always like to look at days like this with a glass half full mentality.

For example, look how far we have come, considering we were only given the right to vote less than 100 years ago. Moreover, women are louder than they have ever been and I personally feel like we are stronger.

Thus, we at GOFAR rejoice for all the women in the world.

As a woman I recognise there is still a lot of disparity between genders, however I do maintain the fact that I feel empowered.

I am about to finish my first degree, I have travelled and I truly believe that the world is my oyster when it comes to my career and general success.

With all these feelings of positivity, there is still one aspect of my life that makes me feel hopeless. It’s this time of year, that you might know as “Rego time”, here in Australia.

GOFAR respects all women - especially the lady drivers!

Every May, the registration for my car is due. With this comes, servicing fees, my green slip, pink slip and everything in between. Might I also add, that this is the same month that I need to update my insurance (Help!).

I go through the same thoughts and feelings which begin with dread, move on to me wanting to sell my car and then finally giving up and leaving it to the Mechanic Gods – hoping that they will serve me with justice (this never happens).

So each May, I go through the same exhaustion and finally end up with a big hole in my bank account for a bill that I don’t even understand.

Unfortunately I am not a V8 supercar extraordinaire like Courtney O’heir, so I do not have the ability maintain my car with the vigour it needs to keep my costs down.

Courtney oheir poses with a sports car

Photo courtesy of  hawkesburygazette.com.au

But knowledge is power and so I have found something that helps – GOFAR!

In our latest iOS app GOFAR instantly alerts you when your car has a problem – and in plain english that explains the severity of that scary orange error light in your car.  So far, so good.

But best of all, GOFAR takes away that moment of powerlessness when the mechanic takes control of your car.

GOFAR can now arrange to get my car serviced at home (or work) – so never again will I have to struggle to the dealer and wait for them to explain how much money they’re going to extract from my bank account.

Driving offers me freedom in my life, however the costs involved and dealing with mechanics make me feel at a loss.

As today marks a day of empowerment, it marks the day that I take control in this now hopeful aspect of my life.

Do you also want to have more control over how much you spend on your car and how? Cut your losses with a full GOFAR package, learn precisely where your money goes.

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