7 Thoughtful Gift Ideas for New Drivers

Credit: John Karakatsanis

Getting a driving license is a major milestone! It gives you the freedom to go on road trips, find adventure and make lasting memories.

Looking for something special to gift the new driver in your life? Here are a few ideas.

“Mechanic on the Go” with GOFAR OBD2 Scanner and Mileage Tracker

Regular vehicle maintenance is especially crucial for a new driver. It will save them from unwanted car problems, reduce fuel costs, increase their safety on the road and even help reduce the depreciation value of their car.

GOFAR is essentially a leave-in OBD device that will make their car smarter as it monitors the car’s health and instantly notifies them of any problems it detects. It also allows them to set reminders for important vehicle check-ups such as servicing, insurance and registration.

Why is GOFAR Such a Perfect Gift?

It will provide them with so much useful information about their car that they’ll start sounding like a mechanic every time you meet. And all they need is their smartphone!

The GOFAR Adapter plugs into the vehicle’s diagnostic port (near the steering wheel usually). Their car’s data is then sent from the Adapter to the free GOFAR app on their phone.

And it will make it easy for them to track every one of their trips so that they have a complete mileage record at tax time. They will also be able to set up location tags to automatically classify trips according to destination.

Other features such as speed reduction alerts and handy reminders will keep them safe while on the road (so you will worry less about them when they’re driving long distances).

And it can also help avoid accident costs and annoying parking fines, which can be an absolute nightmare for a new driver.

The fill-up log helps monitor fuel usage so they can use less fuel and save more money. And the tracker will even help them find their car in the event that they forget where they parked.

Don’t you already feel more confident in their driving?

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GOFAR user Neil considers this an absolutely fantastic device:

“I love how simple it is to use and that I don’t have to remember to log my trips! Will be recommending it to all my business friends!”

Scratch Travel Journal

Here’s a unique gift that allows the new driver in your life to document fun trips they’ve taken.

Scratch Travel Journal
Image from uncommongoods

Merging the functionality of a travel planner, a checklist, a diary and an interactive map the scratch travel journal allows them to plan one complete trip.

Not only that but they also get to record every experience along their journey in their very own words!

They’ll be able to monitor their travels with the set of handsome “scratch-off-where-you’ve-been maps” of every continent. So they can scratch off the countries and cities they’ve visited to reveal adventurous pops of colour.

Whether it’s an adventure to the Grand Canyon or a trip to Niagra Falls, get them started with this journal!

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Debbie is thrilled with her purchase for a friend,
“My friend likes to document everything. Specifically, the restaurants she visits so that if she goes back, she will know what to do and see, and where not to go if that’s the case. She is extremely organized and can write her plans, use it as a diary, what she packed etc.”

Urban Map Glass

Urban Map Glass
Image from uncommongoods

Nothing like a good drink at the end of a busy day to help you unwind. Get that new driver a set of glasses that allows them to toast to the cities they’ve visited.

These glasses feature an intricate city map that sprawls along the curves of the vessel. The attention to detail is evidenced in the street names and the city’s coordinates, which all offer an unexpected way for them to share special memories.

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Anorith couldn’t be happier with the glasses:
“Great birthday present. I got two last year for my boyfriend of the places he has lived. And got more for his birthday this year of the places we have travelled together.”

Driving Sunglasses

Serengeti Cosmopolitan BAGHERIA
Image from Serengeti Eyewear

You’d be surprised at just how many experienced drivers don’t know that certain types of sunglasses are unsuitable for wear when behind the wheel.

Some sunglasses may not allow enough light to enter the eyes. Others may have a certain lens colour which negatively impacts the contrast of colours distinguishable for a driver.

Don’t let the new driver in your life be a victim of vision issues on the road. Get them a pair of suitable sunglasses such as the Serengeti Cosmopolitan Bagheria, which will significantly reduce their risk of causing road accidents (safety never looked so good!).

Shop for the Sunglasses here

Mr Jamie Rollins shares his experience:
“I am very happy with my glasses. They are tough, durable and perfect for me.”

License to Drive Custom Caricature Art Print

Drive Caricature
Image from myDaVinci

Here’s a custom-made art print that your new driver can hang up in honour of their latest achievement.

The talented “myDaVinci” artists who created this design will custom paint the recipient’s face seamlessly onto the caricature, giving the gift a more personal touch.

The artwork is printed using top quality, archival wide-colour-gamut pigment inks on either premium lustre paper or cotton canvas.

Be sure to check out their durable, handcrafted frames or canvas stretching options based on your friend’s specific tastes.

Shop for the Art Print here

Adventure Essentials Survival Kit

Adventure Essentials Survival Kit
Image from uncommongoods

While they are off enjoying the pleasures of driving, the last thing you’d want for a new driver is to worry about the small yet crucial stuff.

The Adventure Essentials Survival Kit contains the safety supplies they need for short-term trips.

The kit includes water purification tablets, a compass, a wire saw, reflective trail markers and even waterproof matches! All these items are packed in small canisters that fit perfectly into the flashlight tube.

Consider this a handy and maybe even lifesaving gift for the new driver in your life.

Shop for the Survival Kit here

Phone Charging Bracelet

Phone Charging Bracelet
Image from uncommongoods

The lightweight, minimalist and polished metallic design of the bracelet is sure to come in handy on those long trips the new driver takes. Its simple finish makes it easy to forget that it’s even a tool!

The lithium battery stays up to two months fully charged as shown by the hidden LED indicators.

Simply slip off the bangle, insert the hidden Lightning Connector into your iPhone and charge it up to 50% (depending on the model) in just 40 minutes.

Shop for the Charging Bracelet here

One satisfied customer couldn’t contain their joy:
“I wore this bracelet for two weeks straight on vacation. I was always able to charge my phone when needed. It’s an elegant way to solve the previous difficulty. I could not be more pleased!!! Only now I need to purchase several more as gifts!!!!”

Any one of these ideas will make a thoughtful and practical gift for the new driver in your life, so they can celebrate in style.

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