Top 11 Life-Changing Father’s Day Gifts by GOFAR

With Father’s Day coming up in Australia, what you don’t want to do is get your dad another tie he’ll just fling into his wardrobe and forget about.

Choosing gifts for men can be such a drag with the end result often being a bunch of uninspiring and instantly forgettable money wasters.

What you need is something a bit different this time – take GOFAR, for example.

Luckily for you, we’ve done the hard yards for you.

Read on for some cracking gift ideas that will make your dad grin like a cheshire cat.

We could ramble on about father’s day gift ideas. After all, we have spent HOURS trawling the interwebs so you don’t have to. But we won’t. Instead we’ll just make it super easy for you to find the perfect dad gift.

Zillions of new products are launched each year online. And sorting the wheat from the chaff can be really exhausting.

Which is why, dear reader, we have whittled things down to leave only the really cool, life-changing stuff that can change a man’s daily life in some fundamental way.

We’ve got a few tech gadgets, but we’ve got some interesting finds for not so techie dads, too.

These Father’s Day gifts are all shippable to Australia. And they all come with a decent price tag of under AUD200.

1. Cool car gadget – GOFAR

Gofar Dongle with kick starter logo

Has your dad got a connected car? If he still hasn’t, our informed guess is he’ll love it.

GOFAR is a mobile app that syncs with the car’s OBD2 port adapter and a sleek device that mounts onto the car dashboard.

This ingenious all-in-one gadget will help your dad save money on a bunch of car expenses from fuel to servicing. But it gets even better. The app sends out car health push notifications so he can react before things get too pricey.

So, get your motor-loving dad a gadget that fills the bill.

With GOFAR and its multiple functions, real-time feedback will help transform the way he drives to help him stop burning his hard-earned money.

2. Kindle eReader

person holding amazon kindle ebook
Image from: Pexels by özgür uzun

The good thing about the new Kindle is that its touchscreen display is glare-free and reads like real paper, unlike your dad’s iPad or tablet. Kindle’s e-Reader is good value, too.

Its battery lasts for AGES – and holds THOUSANDS of books (with more than 70,000 titles in the public domain).

What more could a book-loving dad wish for?

3. Affordable Super Strong 4-Bike Carrier

two man riding mountain bike on dirt road
Image from: Pexels by Darcy Lawrey

You’d be surprised how such a simple solution for carrying bikes on a car could transform your dad’s life!

With this inexpensive quality bike rack (from Cycling Deal) your dad can take the lead and help the whole family to get a jump on those fitness goals and spend some precious family time together.

If your dad’s into off-road adventure, easily hauling the bikes up to remote bike routes will suit him to a tee. No more trying to cram the bikes into the boot – trail blazing here we come!

4. Smart Activity Tracker – FITBIT Charge 2

Smart Activity Tracker – FITBIT Charge 2
Image from:

This smart activity tracker (available at a great price at Harvey Norman) offers a fitness enthusiast or those aspiring to be one a multifunctional tool to help them get into excellent shape.

If your dad’s a health buff that’s always on the go, or even if he’s not, he’ll appreciate this easy-to-wear intelligent tracker.

It’ll keep track of his heart rate, steps taken, stairs climbed and calories burned. What’s more, it will track his sleep quality, allow him to set his weekly exercise goals and check how he performs.

It’ll also intelligently remind him when it’s time to get up and moving. It comes with all the bells and whistles to empower your dad’s healthy lifestyle.

5. Quick Set-Up 4-Person Tent

Quick Set-Up 4-Person Tent
Image from:

After years and years of punching the clock, all your dad may need is a bit on an outdoor adventure. Getting him this quick set up tent can be just the ticket if he’s been giving you some hints he’s in the mood for getting off the beaten track and away from it all.

This value for money, well-ventilated tent is ideal for warm summer camping days and some good family bonding.

6. Portable Fishing Sonar

Portable Fishing Sonar
Image from:

This awesome affordable fishing sonar could well be the gadget to take your dad’s favourite pastime to the next level and make him the envy of all his mates.

The cool little fishing device measures water depth, seabed terrain and provides fishfinder alerts.

It’s the perfect Father’s Day gift for the fishing loving dad..

7. Wireless Mobile Printer

Wireless Mobile Printer
Image from:

This small-size polaroid mobile printer might be just the ticket for your photography loving dad. It delivers what all the smart phones in the world can’t – a tangible printed phot! Old school hey?

Watch your family and adventure smartphone photos transform into vibrant 2×3ʺ quality physical photos in under a minute.

Or tweak them a bit first using the free Polaroid app for some fun photo editing.

8. Roku Streaming Stick

Roku Streaming Stick
Image from:

If your dad’s inclined to binge-watching TV shows and movies, this snappy little gadget will make him pretty darn happy.

It’s ideal if he’s on a business trip or on holiday and up for watching an episode of his favourite TV show.

All he needs to do is plug the device into a TV USB port and an entire world of 4K, HDR, and HD streaming will open up to him. 500,000 plus movies and TV episodes are just a click away whether he’s at home, hotel or even in the backyard.

9. Car Dash Cam

Car Dash Cam
Image from:

Dash cams are wildly popular these days, but most important of all they’re one of those things that don’t fail you when you need them most.

They record your journey as you go and provide invaluable evidence should any kind of driving incident occur.

The best selling 170 Degree Wide View Rexing V1 is a great Father’s Day gift for the driving dad. Saving some hassle and money is always welcome.

10. Amazon Echo Dot

Amazon Echo Dot
Photo from

This popular Internet of Things gadget is a great and inexpensive way for your dad to start smart with his homeThe Echo Dot will do just what he says, or at least make his life a bit easier.

The smart voice-controlled device will play him music, read him the news, make hands-free calls, etc, right on cue.

And if you fork out a few dollars extra for a few compatible connected devices, you’re going to see you dad’s face glow with excitement as he controls the lights and switches around the house.

11. Adrenaline Skydiving experience

Two men Skydiving

You can forget buying stuff for Father’s Day – experiences and adventures are what memories are made of – like skydiving. And this might just be the perfect experience you can share with your dad on Father’s Day.

Adrenaline, Australia’s longest running adventure site recommends Skydiving for Father’s Day. “It really depend on the individual but the Sky Diving or V8 experiences are the main ones we tend to recommend. ” – The Adrenaline Team

Adrenaline has partnered with the best drop zones and skydiving schools across Australia, so you can experience life’s ultimate thrill. You can try a tandem skydive with your dad or book your dad a skydiving course here.

Pricing varies depending on the location and date.

Push on Towards the Goal

Each one of these gift ideas has the potential to bring about a positive change in your dad’s daily life. Which one you choose may depend on your dad.

But if he does a bit of driving and would love to save a bit of cash on fuel then the GOFAR device is a no-brainer. It’ll soon be so much a part of his regular driving routine that he’ll wonder how he ever survived without it.

Just remember to remind him every now and then who got it for him! GOFAR is an incredible tool for the car nut dad.

Order the GOFAR complete package (Adapter + Ray) today to ensure it arrives in time for Father’s Day.

GOFAR offers a 60 day trial period backed by a 100% free returns money-back guarantee, so even if your old man doesn’t like it, he can return it for one of our other life-changing gift ideas.

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