How to Buy Used Cars in Australia

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Not all cars should be bought as second hand. A study conducted by Monash University of Australia rated more than 400 car models with stars ranging from 1 to 5.

There was a notable difference between the best performing car and the worst performing car.

If you drive the least safe car you are 10 times more likely to get in a serious accident compared to the safest car.

Which Cars are the Safest Picks?

The Monash University study analysed more than 7 million crashes starting from 1987 all the way to 2015 in both Australia and New Zealand.

The parameters of the study were: cars in at least 100 crashes and at least 20 driver injuries.

According to the researchers, the safer picks were the vehicles that protected all the people who are in the accident vicinity.

The safest picks come with safety measures that include electronic stability control.

It is a good thing that at the end of 2016, 76% of SUVs, 57% of passenger cars, and 34% utes had electronic stability control.

Used Car Models You Can Safely Buy

Vehicle TypeVehicle Model
Small carsAudi A3
BMW 1 Series
Toyota Prius 3
Light carsHonda City
Medium carsFord Mondeo
Mazda 6
Subaru Liberty/Legacy/Outback
Large carsMercedes Benz E-Class (not all)
Volvo V70/XC70
People moversHonda Odyssey
Commercial – UtesHolden Colorado RC
Compact SUVsHyundai ix35
Volkswagen Tiguan
Medium SUVsHonda CR-V
Mazda CX-7
Mitsubishi/Peugeot Outlander 4007
Large SUVsBMW X5 E53/70
Mercedes Benz ML/GL
Volvo XC90

Old Cars are More Prone to Crashes

According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, older cars are more prone to crashes. For example;

  • 20% of the vehicles under study were built before 2000 and 33% of these were involved in crashes
  • 30% of the vehicles were manufactured after 2011, and only 13% of these were involved in crashes

There’s good news though. The average age of an Australian car in 2016 was approximately 10.1 years.

Though many people are still using all vehicles, the ed is reducing.

Young people are more likely to inherit older cars from their parents which are less reliable and hence more prone to accidents.

The Differences Between Old and New Vehicles

The Australasian New Car Assessment Program (ANCAP) has demonstrated the differences between old and new models of a similar car.

Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons Images by OSX
Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons Images by OSX

For the demonstration, they used a Toyota Corolla 5-door Hatchback. One was built in 1998 and another one in 2015.

The one built in 2015 came with 6 airbags, braking assistance, ABS, and electronic brake force distribution which were not available in the model made in 1998.

ANCAP father tested the car by driving it at 64 km per hour and these were the results;

  • The car made in 1998 scored 0.4. out of a total of 16. When it was tested against extreme accident conditions, it showed extreme risk to leg, chest and head injuries to the driver.
  • The car made in 2015 showed minimal damage and scarred 12.9 3.0 out of a total possible of 16 points hence a 5-star rating.

When giving an insurance policy, the insurers ensure they include the year of manufacture in the premiums contract.

For cars under five years old, you will pay a reduced premium compared to cars that are 10 years and above old.

Used cars have many problems but you can get peace of mind with GOFAR Smart Assist and Diagnostics Mode, that will detect faults on your car and explain them to you in plain English.

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