Why are People Becoming Bad Drivers?

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That we will not drive in future is an understatement. New vehicles are increasingly coming equipped with such driving aids as lane assist, blind spot technology, and self parking.

As if that is not good enough, big car companies are testing self-driving technology.

To make the matters worse, drivers have become lazy. They are more distracted by gadgets such as smartphone and other devices in their vehicles.

The result of this is more crashes and serious injuries on the road. People have simply forgotten how to be good drivers.

1. Increased Driving Technology

All the new technologies in the vehicle play two important roles namely safety and entertainment.

Well you might think that pleases a good thing, it is ironic that the safety systems and the infotainment systems are mainly responsible for the distracting the drivers from driving carefully.

Drivers are tempted to think the safety technology will do its work and protect them from accidents.

A study done by the university of Utah retired that infotainment systems in vehicles as having potential to distract the drivers.

Most navigation systems demand distraction from the core role of a human in a car – careful driving.

For example, programming the navigation system or turning the radio will keep the driver’s eyes of the road. Another major distraction is the smartphone which allows people to text and ring they are forms when driving.

Infotainment usually takes the drivers mind away from the road and this is dangerous for road users.

In another study, it was concluded drivers whose vehicles are equipped with blind-spot technology never bothered to look over the shoulders when changing lanes which begs whether this technology is indeed meant for safety.

Modern drivers trust the technology in the of vehicles more than they trust themselves. This statement holds true, then drivers no longer view themselves as being good at driving.

Will technology take over if people stop trusting the ability to drive?

This is not to say that all technology is bad. For example, GOFAR can help save on fuel costs by altering the driver’s behaviour.

So, if you can’t find the cheapest bowser then you can at least save up to 30% by using GOFAR.

Image from: Pixabay by SplitShire

2. Unskilled Drivers

Most drivers have taken their reliance on the technology and not higher. To make the matters worse, manufacturers and their salespeople emphasize on using this semi autonomous driving technology including:

  • Lane keeping
  • Self parking
  • Blindspot monitoring
  • Cruise control
  • Collision warning and emergency brakes
  • Obstacles warning such as cyclists, pedestrians and large animals

It is possible that even good drivers have come to trust these systems hence becoming lazier in the way they go about their driving.

A good example is the drivers who gives the satellite navigation systems to find where they are going compared to those who use maps.

Study found that when one relies on navigation systems, there are bound to stop working hard at finding out where we are going.

It is funny that in that study, there were drivers who were directed by the navigation system past a point more than once.

3. Equating Technology to Humans

Despite the advanced systems such as brakes, blind spots, and events of driving technology, none of them understand the world in which the humans drive.

Technology will never be able to assess a situation as well as the human can.

The confusion that is road where some vehicles have no safety technology for others are semi-autonomous and still others are fully self-driving can become dangerous.

Ask yourself how a driver will react to a vehicle which has no idea that it is actually driving on the road?

Good drivers are even going to start feeling out of control of the year vehicles even if they are indeed in control.

Salespeople, manufacturers, and insurers have to play their role in educating the drivers on the safety technologies which are there to help them drive more safely rather than distract them.

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