5 ATO Logbook Apps Accountants Use to Claim Car Expenses

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Saying electronic logbook software is useful for claiming car expenses is an understatement.

It’s the next big thing in the tax preparation industry: a technical solution that has revolutionised the way people lodge their taxes.

But how to choose a reliable ATO logbook app that will log your mileage properly?

Follow a tip-off from accounting professionals. Learning which logbook apps they use is like finding a goldmine in your tax return.

We did some research for you on the 5 ATO logbook apps accountants use to claim car expenses. We outline the deliverables of each app so you can make a checklist to help you choose the right logbook app for you.

Let’s jump right in.



This Australian-made app helps you create valid ATO-compliant records.

GOFAR saves you time on the road in two simple ways:

  • By requiring one tap on the screen to fill in the mandatory reason for the trip.
  • By enabling you to send your reports to the Australian Taxation Office at tax time.

Awesome, right?

Yet, the app is also compatible with the IRS Standard Mileage Rate and works in over 50 countries around the globe.

Why Accountants Pick GOFAR

When you decide to get a logbook app to claim your car expenses, app reliability should be at the top of your mind. GOFAR uses an intelligent OBD2 technology so each trip is tracked without fail.

It simplifies your mileage tracking and maximises your tax return. Below are its key features:

  • Easy business expense mileage logging. GOFAR comes with a set-and-forget adapter that automatically tracks your kilometres. Just sit down and drive and the app does the logging for you. Every last bit of it.
  • Automatic Location Tags. The app classifies your trips automatically according to destination. Create presets of typical reasons for your journeys and tag trips with the tap of a button.
  • Filtered or full exports. Choose the most bustling period of the year for your 12-week logbook to get the biggest refund.
  • Cost: Starter Kit (adapter and logbook app) – $99; Standard Kit (adapter, logbook app and Ray – $129.
  • Download: App Store and Google Play Store

2. Driversnote

Driversnote mileage tracker app
Screenshot from: Driversnote App

Driversnote is used in 50+ countries to help people calculate their car business use. Recording your car expenses is as easy as choosing from a list of customisable mileage rates. With this app, your tax documentation will be ready for ATO, IRS, CRA, and other tax authorities.

Why Accountants Pick Driversnote

The developers worked hard to improve the app’s usability, so you have two options available.

You can track your miles by pressing start and stop, or you can use the app’s Auto Tracking feature. This feature, however, is available to Premium users only.

The app helps you prepare a valid ATO logbook, ready for the hand-over at tax time. Here’s what you get from this app:

  • Choose your reimbursement rate and let the app do your car expense calculations.
  • The app logs start and stop destinations automatically. All you need to do is add locations and purpose. However, the app will do automatic logging for frequented locations.
  • Segment your trips, if you want to claim reimbursements from different employers.

3. LogbookMe

LogbookMe app
Screenshot from: LogbookMe app

LogbookMe logs your mileage and expenses using a GPS device that you plug into your car. It uses real-time data transmission to generate valid reports, which you can file to ATO in just a few clicks.

LogbookMe is also a fleet management software that helps you optimise your fleets better and rev up your tax savings.

Why Accountants Pick LogbookMe

The app helps you log your work-related trips and generate compliant tax documentation. Yet, to do so you first need to subscribe to a paid account and install a GPS device into your car.

The app makes trip classification a breeze, which is useful for busy drivers (and who isn’t busy these days?).

Sync the app with your phone’s calendar and the app will pre-fill your trip descriptions. If your driving location matches with a calendar event, just tap your finger on the event. There you are, description added!

Below are some more useful features of this app. It:

  • Instantly notifies you when a trip is completed.
  • Provides you with a dashboard view of most recent trips as well as a backlog of unclassified trips.
  • Allows you to do bulk updating for better timesaving and convenience.

4. Travel Logs

travel logs apps
Screenshot from: Travel logs app

Travel Logs is a car logbook app that uses real-time GPS tracking to capture your car expenses.

Want to automate your mileage logging? This app will do that for you. It uses your phone’s GPS to work out the distance travelled. And it uses a GPS auto-fill feature to fill in your location automatically.

Why Accountants Pick Travel Logs

Travel Logs incorporates useful widgets that enable you to easily press start and stop for your trips.

The app also helps you navigate your car expenses for multiple vehicles. It also makes your receipt keeping as painless as possible.

The app comes with features such as:

  • Contacts Integration. Access your contacts from within the app and use them to tag your start/stop destinations.
  • Places (Geo-Fencing). Assign places you frequent and the app will start and end trips automatically.
  • iCloud Synchronizing. Use this feature to access your tax-deductible car expense information from any device.

Bear in mind, however, that to take full advantage of this app, you’ll need to subscribe to the premium version.

You can find the app on iTunes and Play Store; also available for the Apple Watch.

5. Vehicle Logger

vehicle logger reports
Screenshot from: Vehicle Logger app

Moving onto Vehicle Logger, which is a suitable app for Australian drivers who want to get their business mileage documentation ready for the ATO July submission.

However, the app also supports IRS, FBT, BAS, and other formats used in various countries.

The app’s chock-full of features that make vehicle logbook keeping easy.

Creating compliant reports and sharing them with your accountant becomes as easy as pressing a few buttons on the go.

Why Accountants Pick Vehicle Logger

Vehicle Logger will log your trips and calculate your business percentage in a few taps.

The app also enables you to:

  • Choose between different logging methods. Opt between recording your trips manually or automatically. It can be as easy as pressing start and stop. Or you can subscribe to a paid account and get access to Automated Car Bluetooth trip triggers.
  • Log your running car expenses. Keep a record of your fuel, maintenance and registration expenses the easy way.
  • Store your data on a cloud. The app will record your time and date stamps, odometer readings, etc. You’re also able to access your data anytime on any of the available cloud-based platforms.

Unfortunately, this app is not compatible with iPhone devices.

  • Cost: Free (with in-app purchases)
  • Download: Google Play

Get Informed and Start Claiming Your Car Expenses

Ask any accountant! They’ll definitely advise you to look for an app that will maximise your tax deductions. In other words, an app that will seamlessly log your car business use.

Anyone who’s ever used a logbook app that can’t record mileage properly knows what a hassle (and financial loss) this is. Not to mention that you also end up without proper evidence to support your tax deduction claim.

If you chance upon one of those apps, you’ll end up wasting a lot of time and money.

This list of ATO logbook apps is here to spare you that unhappy experience. So, next time you’re on the lookout for a decent logbook app, make sure to run through this list.

GOFAR is the go-to app for you if you want a reliable road companion. You’ll cover impressive mileage down the road if you do a lot of driving for business.

Don’t miss out on reimbursing your mileage!

Rely on GOFAR to do your mileage logging for you and you’ll have complete ATO-compliant records at tax time. Plus:

  • The app will do the entire log keeping job for you, even when you forget your phone.
  • It will make adding trip descriptions a breeze.
  • It will save you money in a multitude of ways.

The app is a one-off purchase and offers additional features that can help you save on car running costs.

Check out if GOFAR is compatible with your car and start claiming your car expenses today!

Track Work Mileage With GOFAR

  • Log, calculate and export business expenses at the press of a button
  • No ongoing fees
  • Available on iOS and Android

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