6 Steps to a Green Halloween by GOFAR

Halloween is almost here again and whilst it’s great fun, one trip to the mall, tells you that boatloads of stuff has just been shipped across the world just to end up in local landfill.

So, whether you’re a keen crafter, a dedicated eco-warrior or just don’t like blowing money on cheap tat when you can make it yourself for free.

We at GOFAR gathered tips on going green this Halloween.

Don’t buy a costume! Recycle

Choose the closet of a loving family member and pick up some long forgotten items and “distress” them.  Ketchup is a good blood substitute.

If you pick a popular long forgotten item, then you might not even need the ketchup, once you’re found out.  Old linen is a great option too and ripped socks make neat raggedy gloves

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Do buy pumpkins

You can grow them with planning, but give the local farmers a break!  They’re the expert.  Don’t forget to compost them.

Halloween pumpkins

Make your own decorations

Cardboard pizza boxes can be turned into creepy tombstones.  Gather up dead branches for that post apocalyptic garden look.

cardboard box sticker

Walk don’t drive

It’s a great time to walk around the neighbourhood.  If you have to drive then get GOFAR in your car.  This handy gadget measures your emissions on every trip and nudges you to a more efficient driving style that cuts on fuel and pollution.

Don’t foul the street by idling with the engine on if you’re parked up and look out for fast-moving, sugar-fuel kids.

man walking with wearing shoes

Party sustainably

Avoid plastic cups and cutlery.  Paper cups can be recycled.  Draw scary faces on them so people can keep track of their cup throughout a party.

Brown ripple coffee cup

Horrifically green treats

Whilst it might be worth it just to see some long faces on the local kids, offering locally sourced, sugar free myco protein is probably not going to go down well.

Mini popcorn in paper bags, dried fruit, honey sticks and granola bars are a halfway house, but realistically, this we’re all going to buy candies!  Treehugger has some nice options.

Halloween treats

Want to hear something really scary this Halloween? When not driving efficiently, you are burning your money away!

Reduce your fuel consumption with GOFAR. It will help your environment and your wallet.

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