What Does it Mean When the Check Engine Light Comes On?

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The check engine light is one of your car’s dashboard symbols - it’s an orange engine-shaped icon set amongst your dashboard lights that illuminates to alert you on your car’s health. The check engine light either flashes or is steady depending on the severity of the car issue.

Everything You Need to Know About Deducting Mileage From Your Taxes

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Did you know that if you use your car purely for business, you can deduct the entire cost of operating it from your taxes? Deducting the expenses of the car becomes harder if you use it for both personal and business purposes in which case, you can only deduct the costs incurred during business operations.

Boost Your Uber Driver’s Earnings With These Ridiculously Simple Tweaks

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You’ll be surprised when you find out how effortless it actually is to increase your income when driving for Uber. It’s completely hassle-free!

Top 11 Life-Changing Father's Day Gifts

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With Father's Day coming up in Australia, what you don’t want to do is get your dad another tie he’ll just fling into his wardrobe and forget about. Choosing gifts for men can be such a drag with the end result often being a bunch of uninspiring and instantly forgettable money wasters. What you need is something a bit different this time.

Is Honda’s New CRV The Best Gas Mileage SUV?

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Some cars have better gas mileage than others and the brand new Honda CRV holds great promise for the more fuel efficient and less polluted future. So, if you’re after improving your gas mileage, this latest SUV offering from Honda might be your thing.

6 Ways You Are Wasting Money On Your Car Besides Fuel Consumption

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What do you consider when buying a new car? It should be a nice looking, safe and reliable car that doesn’t cost too much. It should also be one of the cars with the best gas mileage, right?

7 Brilliant Stupid-Simple Gifts For Men

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Another Father's Day in Australia (Sunday, 2nd September) is getting closer and your Dad already has more than enough socks, ties and sports biographies.

5 Ways To Save Money As An Uber Driver

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Like many other Uber drivers, you work hard to support your family and make a living. But at the end of the day, you feel that various car expenses and taxes eat up most of your earnings.

Top 10 Tips For Getting the Most Out of Your Fuel Efficient SUV

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Lusting over the latest fuel efficient SUV?

How Can A Car Log Book App Help Me Save Fuel?

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The best car log book apps promote efficient driving because they can collect real-time data and influence your behaviour as you drive. Extensive road testing shows that an app such as GOFAR can save you up to $30 a week, or around 10 cents for every litre of fuel used. Read on to find out how.

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