Overpaying For Roadside Assistance You Never Use?

Pay for the cover not the brand! GOFAR’s Smart Assist offers the 5 essentials but uses our smart ass tech to cut the cost

  • No joining fee today
  • Exclusive offer – $6/month for GOFAR drivers
  • 5 essentials – battery, tyres, tow, lock out, no fuel
  • Powered by Australia’s biggest national roadside network
GOFAR car diagnosis report
GOFAR app showing average fuel savings of 9.8% in 80,000 kilometres.
GOFAR adapter

Feeling Flat? We'll Get You Started

We'll jump start a flat battery or fit your spare wheel.

We'll provide fuel if you've run out too.

GOFAR adapter with red ray light means you're burning money.

Need A Tow? Locked Out?

Broken down? We’ll tow you to help. Up to 20km in towns and 100km in the country.

Locked out? We’ll get your spare key or pay $150 towards a locksmith. Read our Terms to see everything that’s covered

Backed By The Largest National Network

GOFAR is new but our partner Digicall is not. Covering 500,000 Australian drivers from every state they are the roadside provider of choice for household name insurance companies and Australia's biggest car brands. With a network of 3,000 mechanic we've got you covered throughout mainland Australia and Tasmania.

GOFAR screenshots car health

Smart Ass Or Smart Assist?

🙂 With GOFAR in your car you get an alert as soon as we detect an engine fault. So you check it out and if needed get it fixed - calmly and knowledgeably. And so your car stays in great nick. So your chances of needing a tow are less. Everyone wins. That's smart!

Remote Diagnostics Is Smart

You know how computers used to be unconnected and then remote support came along. Wasn’t it great? Why can’t cars be like that? Well they can.

If you breakdown and want to share your car’s recent diagnostic data you can. If we know what the problem is we can fix it faster. Cheaper for us, quicker for you.

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