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GOFAR improves your fuel economy by 15% but it does much more and we update it monthly so your car keeps getting smarter.

Cut fuel costs by 15%

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Every engine speed has a sweet spot - an optimum position that maximises your power and minimises your fuel consumption. It's where your car runs best.

Driving in the sweet spot saves fuel - which saves money and cuts emissions. But unless you are part of a Formula 1 race team it’s difficult to find.  This is where GOFAR helps.

GOFAR logs all your car's driving and makes you the expert.   And in urban and suburban trials it's been shown to save over 20% on fuel costs without increasing journey time - sounds like free money.

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Get there safely

And whether you're a lumberjack or an accountant, driving is probably the most dangerous thing you do.

Driving with GOFAR keeps things calmer in the car.  Harsh braking and aggressive acceleration are considered risky driving behaviours by insurance companies but tests show driving with GOFAR can significantly reduce these dangerous behaviours by up to 25%.  

And because GOFAR has a dedicated display to give you driver feedback, you don't even need to touch your mobile - much safer.


"It's giving me something other than other drivers to focus on. I'm more concerned with staying 'in the blue' rather than rushing to work, home or beating the next light"

Log your driving. Automagically!


GOFAR magically logs all your driving so you need never miss out on expenses or overpay on tax again.  

We track start and end location, time, date and distance and you can tag trips as work or with a trip purpose.  You only need to track about 200km for GOFAR to have paid for itself and you'll save lots of time trawling through notes and receipts too.  

GOFAR also summarises your data into trends - keep an eye on fuel costs, distances, time in traffic, average speeds driving scores and fill ups.  Everyone is always surprised how slow they drive on average though - it's hard to beat the traffic!

Less carbon from your car

Drivers who use GOFAR cut emissions by 15% on average.

GOFAR monitors gasoline flow rate and combustion conditions and calculates emissions for every trip, making your emissions visible for the first time.  

Adapting your driving behaviour has the best and quickest pay off of anything you can do to reduce emissions and GOFAR's real-time feedback makes this easy.

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“just works flawlessly - an absolute delight”

Prove you're the best!

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We can't make traffic disappear but we can make driving more fun!

GOFAR scores every drive so you can see how smoothly you're accelerating and braking.  If you're the competitive type you'll love our leaderboard feature too - and our monthly competition to find the world's smoothest driver!

And if you share your car with another driver - a loved one perhaps - just tag your trips so you can compare your scores and their's.  Who's the best?  You're the best!

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Award-winning design

It's often in the hidden attention to detail that products shine and GOFAR has a raft of features you'll slowly notice and appreciate.

  • 6 axis motion sensors: 3 accelerometers and 3 gyroscopes allow GOFAR to precisely track your car's motion in 3 dimensions - central to our energy tracking tech. 
  • Offline trip storage: Flash memory in GOFAR stores your trips even when your phone is dead or not in the car.  
  • Connect to cloud: Liberate your car data and store it in the cloud. 
  • Ambient light sensor: Automatically adjusts the display to ensure perfect brightness in tunnels or bright sunshine.
  • No batteries needed: Powered by the car so it just works
  • Future Proof: Updatable over the air via phone so your car keeps getting smarter!  
It's always nice to be recognised though so we were thrilled to win a prestigious Good Design Award and a Design 100 Gold Award to add to our national wins at SydStart, StartupNation and Seedstars.  Kudos to our industrial design partners at Cocreators.com.au
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