More Power To Control Car Costs

Want to spend less on fuel?     Want the easiest way to do expenses?    Want alerts when your car needs help?    Get GOFAR in your car!
Spend Less On Fuel
Learn to burn 15% less fuel with, Ray, our unique real time driver coach.
Car Health In Plain English
Instant alerts when your car has an error - with the severity explained in plain English. (Live on iOS)
Easy Expenses
GOFAR automatically logs your trips.  No pen.  No paper.  No forgetting to tap apps on and off.

Want To Spend 15% Less On Fuel?

Ray - GOFAR's award-winning driving coach - is guiding thousands of drivers to better fuel economy.  Simply keep Ray blue to save. When Ray starts glowing red you’re wasting energy and burning money.  In trials, we've averaged a 14.7% cut in fuel used.  That's like not paying a cent for fuel for 7 weeks of the year. 

Easy to plug in.  No screws.  No oily hands.


1. Download the app

First, download the iPhone or Android app.  The app has simple step by step instructions.

2. Plug in the adaptor

Plug the adaptor into your car’s diagnostic port.  Now your car is connected.

3. Position Ray

Finally, position "Ray" on your dashboard or steering column for real time coaching and you're good to go.

Want Easier Expenses?

GOFAR logs all your trips automatically (with date, distance, start and finish).  Simply tag trips as Business and export them all to your accountant.  Problem solved.
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Makes almost any car smarter

GOFAR works in petrol, electric hybrid and diesel cars that are "OBDII compliant".  This means any petrol car in Australia (since 2006), in UK (since 2001) and in the US (since 1996).  We continuously update GOFAR with cool new features too.


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Want lots of info?  See Trends for time in traffic, distance, avge speed, emissions, economy and more
Want to track fill ups?  We've got that. 
Want to cut emissions?  We can help.
Want to know the economy impact of having having the aircon on level 4?  Use Trip tagging and find out.