Make Driving Smarter

GOFAR drivers spend 15% less on fuel and enjoy automated trip logging.  GOFAR helps find your car’s sweet spot using technology previously reserved for Formula 1 teams.  Upgrade your car today!
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Save Money
Cars are our most expensive cost after a house. Using GOFAR can save you 15-30% on fuel.
Safer Driving
GOFAR reduces heavy acceleration and harsh braking by 24%. A safer ride for your loved ones
Reduce Carbon
Saving gas reduces emissions too - by 1 Tonne a year if you commute 1 hour daily in a typical car.

Find Your Sweet Spot

Precise sensors constantly calculate your engine’s sweetspot, then simple feedback guides you there. Stay blue to save. Red means you’re wasting energy and burning money.
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Easy 3 Minute Set Up


1. Download app

Download the iPhone or Android app and follow the simple steps to set up your car

2. Plug in

Plug the dongle into your car’s diagnostic port - it's under the steering wheel.  Easy.

3. Drive

Place the Ray on your dashboard or steering column and you're good to go

Effortlessly Track

The GOFAR app works as the brain of your car. Effortlessly track trip times, economy and costs and more. View a breakdown of your driving habits over time.
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Works In Petrol, Diesel, Hybrid Cars

Works in 700m cars! Any US car since 1996. Any European petrol car since 2001. Any EU diesel since 2004. Any Australian car since 2006.